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You may have seen their posts on Instagram or witnessed people on the street in foreign cities — perhaps even your city — taking photos of their mouthwatering meal against an equally mesmerizing background. But now, you're going to meet the family behind Food in the Air, an Instagram account that combines almost everyone's favorite things: food and travel.


Carolyn, Meg, Patty, and Charlotte are four sisters from Durham, NC, who have had a passion for food since a young age. Their mother owns a gourmet food market, so they were exposed to the industry from birth... After scrolling through the typical food Instagrams, they thought, "It'd be way more fun to hold your food in the air so the food relates to the area or destination rather than just the average shot of your meal on a table." Meg also added that "it challenges people to get creative, and it tells a great story."


To no one's surprise but their own, Food in the Air took off almost immediately. -Pop Sugar

Food in the Air

We are so proud of our girls!

Check out their Instagram feeds for Food In The Air "FITA" and Drinks In The Air "DITA".

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